Holyscrap handmade furniture, unique, durable, original, dutch design, with love.

As interior designers and makers, Marieke van Genderen and Edwin Booms, kept the leftover materials from their custom made projects for years. Combined with other stuff they collect, they made a new, independent collection of furniture and Holyscrap was born! Using reclaimed materials (the scrap) as much as possible, but always with the funny additions that characterizes Holyscrap.

Although every Holyscrap design is made as a one-off, they have in common that they refer to our memories. Using things that we all remember like the kitchen panel doors for the Kitchen Door Series, the baby dolls for the Orphan Doll Cabinets and the old antennas for their TV cabinets. By putting these objects in a new and different perspective, new contemporary and timeless designs arise.

The Holyscrap furniture is made without assignment. Every piece is the result of creativity and craftsmanship. All Holyscrap designs are made by hand in their workshop. Every item is fire stamped and has it’s own, unique number punched in it.